Tiny Talk Tuesday

The short ones are chattin away this week. Here are some of the cute things they said (or have been saying):

While in the car:
Kyra: What does that sign mean?
Mom: What sign?
Kyra: The one with the deer on it.
Mom: It just means to be careful and watch out for deer crossing the street. There are lots of deer in this area and we wouldn't want to hit one would we?
Kyra: We eat them anyway (she said nonchalantly).

(Spoken by a true hunter's daughter. Forget the tender side here, we're focused on slappin some meat on the table!)

While in the car:
Kyra: Mom, look! That car is waving to me?
Mom: What car?
Kyra: That one! Hey those two cars are waving to me too!
Mom: (looking around to see what in the world she meant)
Kyra: Mom, almost all the cars are waving at me!!
Mom: (Then a light bulb struck. Ahhh...She was talking about windshield wipers.)

While looking for a parking spot:
Mom: Shoot, I can't find a single spot.
Kyra: Girl! Grab that one!
(You'd have thought she was just another girlfriend in the car. She's got my back.)

"Cue me" - Excuse me
"I bootiful mommy!" - I'm beautiful mommy
"Look, a quail!" - Look, a squirrel

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Buckeyemama said...

The deer story is priceless. My kids are right there with ya!

Christy said...

i love these!!! We eat them anyway-- PRICELESS!!

Kris said...

Super cute ones! The deer one is classic.

Dave and Jenni said...

LOL! I love how she called you "Girl." So funny!