Tiny Talk Tuesday

Not much to add for the week. Either my kids aren't that funny anymore or I'm forgetting the funny things they say (pretty sure it's the latter). I had to chuckle at this one conversation though that demonstrates a difference in the girls' personalities.

In the car going down the highway:
Kyra: Are we going fast?
Mom: Yes, we're going faster, but you can go faster on the highway.
Kyra: Are you being careful not to hit the other drivers?
Mom: Yes Kyra, I'm being careful (that's my cautious girl for ya).
Kyra: You also have to be careful not to hit the bigger puddles. You know that right?
Mom: Yes Kyra, I know.
Katie: GO Mommy, GO.....GO Mommy, GO!
(I guess I know which one to be worried about during drivers training)

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Ann said...

That's for sure...I had a little boy who was always telling me "go faster". Now he is 18 and has had 4 speeding tickets in a span of about 14 months!!

They sound like cuties!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

She sounds just like my older daughter. LOL! gotta love it.

Happy TTT!

Dave and Jenni said...

LOL. Leave it to the younger one to be carefree!