Tiny Talk Tuesday

The little ones in our house have been yucking it up this week, here are some of their comments that made us laugh:

During quiet time:
Mom: Kyra, I have a lot of laundry to do, so your going to have to find some quiet activity to do for the next hour or so.
Kyra: That's okay mom, I have a lot of pictures to draw. There are lots of people who need pictures.
Mom: Alright then, let's get to work! (Meanwhile, I sneak to the computer room to quick check my email before digging into the laundry. A few short minutes later, Kyra finds me in the room.)
Kyra: Mom, can I play a computer game?
Mom: Kyra, I just got on the computer, besides I thought you had lots of pictures that needed to be drawn!
Kyra: Well, I thought you had lots of laundry that needed to be folded!
(She got me there. Wow, what a little smarty pants. She's getting too smart for her age.)

During dinner time:
Dad: What do you think about getting some chickens for around the house?
Mom: Oh, don't even get me started. We are NOT going to do more farming then you already do right now.
Dad: Why don't we ask the girls (sure let's get them to gang up on mom!). Katie would you like some chickens?
Katie: I want chicken nuggets!
(There's my girl. You're not going to find any chickens peckin around our household, or else he'll meet the deep fryer pretty quickly!)

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Short Stop said...

HAHAHAHA! She called you out on the laundry, eh? OH MY WORD, so funny!

However, the funniest part of this post to me was you writing, "yucking it up"! LOL!!

Dave and Jenni said...

LOL - Both of these stories made me giggle!