Tiny Talk Tuesday

I managed to remember a few of the cute things my kids said this past week. Here are a few of their funnies...

While playing dolls together-
Katie: (evidently offended by something her older sibling did, she runs off to me) Mommy, Kyra isn't playing very nice to me. She caught my feelings.

While getting ready in the morning-
Mom: Now Kyra, I want you to make your bed this morning like I asked you to do yesterday.
Kyra: I was thinking we could make my bed like a pattern.
Mom: What do you mean?
Kyra: One day you can make my bed, then I can make my bed, you make it, I make it. Isn't that a good idea?
Mom: That's very creative. But when Grandma comes in a couple weeks, she's not going to make your bed so you need to make a habit of making your bed every day.
Kyra: But Mom, that's two weeks away.
(This girl is getting too smart for her own good. I can't believe she's using what she learned in school against me already!)

While sitting on the couch-
Kyra: Mom, how did that baby get inside your tummy?
Mom: (Shoot! I thought I managed to get through this whole pregnancy without that question. So, I managed to answer in the best and simplistic way that I could). Well, when a mommy and daddy love each other very much and decide they want to start having children, they ask God to bless them with a child. And if the time is right, God plants a seed in Mommy's tummy and it begins to grow (not too far off right?).
Kyra: What color is the seed?
(Thankfully the questions ended there, until two days later when she asked how dogs had babies. Do they ask God for a seed? Oh heavens, I need help.)

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

Love the bed making plan. She sure is a thinker!!!

Happy TTT!

Hope you are feeling well. I am tired and very ready now :)

emilymcd said...

Love it! Love it~

Love the "pattern" bed making... hilarious. You're in trouble when she's 13, you know... I mean, we all are when are kids turn 13, but she's a super smartie!

And the "what color is the seed"... hilarious, too. I love these stories.

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