Homeward Bound, part 2

After the immediate family viewed grandpa's body, visitors began slowly creeping into the room. I am not the most social person in large groups of people, so a small crowd pleased me just fine. Yet, at the same time there were many people that I wanted meet, so I made a point to shove those butterflies down in their place. I knew that there would be many Great Aunties that I haven't seen in years, so I was excited to see them. My Grandma grew up in a family of 12 siblings, and I have many fond memories of gathering with her family and listen to those Older Southern Women tell stories. That day was no different. Those butterflies quickly left as I approached women like: Mary, Ruth, Naomi, Lois, Libby, and Martha. I didn't even have to talk, they took care of that on their own. It was a joy and a hoot to hear them go on and on. Yes it was a full day, but one filled with a loving family with many memories of my grandpa.

The day of the funeral, I was told by my brother that we would be saying a few verses from the Bible. I quickly got a knot in my stomach, but God seemed to calm me down, because the tension soon went away. I love reading, and was content to read in front of a crowd rather then say a few words (which I knew would bring me to tears). The funeral was beautiful and scerene. My Aunt sang beautifully "It is Well with My Soul," a talent of hers I had not known before that day. And my sister (who traveled from South Korea) read a letter she had written of the many memories she had held. Her way with words and poetic heart brought a vivid picture of the many memories we shared. And of course my Dad prepared a eulogy that was both touching and reconciling. I saw many tears shed by so many loved ones that day, that it was hard to see their pain. At the same time it was also healing to see that we have each other and that everyone was there for eachother. And comfort was brought by the fact that my Grandpa is homeward bound, left a legacy of caring family members, and friends that will carry on his love.

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

I just love your title for these posts...he is Homeward Bound! What a blessing.

I imgaine there were many tough moments and are more to come as you grieve the loss of his presence here...may God continue to heal you all.