Tiny Talk Tuesday

The little ones are hammin it up this week, here's some of the comments they've made:

While sitting in line for the Star*bucks drive thru:
Kyra: Momma, what kind of coffee are you going to get?
Mom: I'm going to get the hot kind (the thing is that she likes the frapuccino's that dad gets, so I try to steer clear).
Kyra: I think I'll have some if they put M&M's in it!
(yes, I'm sure you would - and probably so would I)

While running errands:
Kyra: (cough, cough) Don't worry momma, I'm okay. I'm not sick, I just have a skunk in my throat.
Mom: (not even trying not to laugh) Kyra, don't you mean FROG?
Kyra: Oh, yeah, yeah. I'm not sick though, just a frog in my throat.

While sitting at the dinner table:
Mom: Kyra, would you like a potato?
Kyra: Absotootly!

While roleplaying with a riding toy:
Kyra: Mom, we have to take the caterpillar to the car doctor quick.
Mom: Babe, cars don't go to the doctor, they go to a mechanic when something is broken.
Kyra: Okay, we need to take it to the place you just said.
Mom: (after heading to the coffee table) What seems to be the problem?
Kyra: The wheel is a little crunchy.
(now how do you fix a crunchy wheel?)

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Holly said...

These were cute! I had to scale back on the Starbucks drive through once she started saying my order before I got to the speaker. My hubs usually gets the frap. and she loves that. Coffee, not so much, which is what I get.

Sarah VB said...

Ha! Yes, M&Ms definitely makes ANYTHING worth eating (or drinking?) right? Too funny! Could she be taking after her chocolate-loving mamma? Hmmmm.... (;

Dave and Jenni said...

Anna loves it when I get a decaf mocha - she'll actually drink it if I let her. It's hard to believe that! Of course, Mocha's are heaven on earth, so why wouldn't she like it! BTW, loved the skunk in the throat story!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

These are absotootly adorable! I love 'em. She is such a cutie pie.

I bet my 3 year old would take a Starbucks drink if it had M's in it too!

Happy TTT!