Tiny Talk Tuesday

The little ones are talkin, here's some of the things they had to say this past week:

In the car-
Kyra: Mommy, we have two barns left right?
Mom: Right (two of them fell down last year).
Kyra: We have a green one and a blue one, right?
Mom: Well, we have a green and and a gray one.
Kyra: I know why the green one hasn't fallen down yet.
Mom: Why?
Kyra: Because it has lots of glue on it. Lots of glue!
(If that were the only thing holding it together, I somehow don't think it would still be standing!)

In the car-
Kyra: Mooom, look at that lady. She is just beautiful.
Mom: She is very pretty.
Kyra: You're beautiful too, mom.
(awww....gotta love comments like those!)

During a visit from a friend-
(a friend of Kyra's was coming over to play, but after a recent accident with a neighbor dog, was fearful to come into our house with our two dogs).
Friend: I don't want to go in there, it's too scary (with a bit of a panic in her voice).
Kyra: (with one hand on the small of her friend's back) It's alright, we'll go upstairs where the dogs aren't playing. It's not scary up there.
(It was just heart warming to see the empathy she showed at her tender age. My daughter truly has a big heart.)

While playing dress up-
(running in the living room in a dress up skirt, and then out again as fast as she came in) I cute! I cute!

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Dave and Jenni said...

Oh I love the "I cute!" That's hilarious! And what a sensitive little heart Kyra has.

ET said...

Your girls are soooo beautiful, and obviously well-loved. I love to see such kindness from little ones. Heart-warming....

emilymcd said...

Oh man... when a daughter tells her momma that she's beautiful, my heart just melllttsss.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

What a great age! I love the things they say. She's right, she is so cute!

Kris said...

Katie is cute! Kyra is such a sweetheart...thinking of her friend and her mommy!