Happy Father's Day

The day wouldn't be complete with out a child or two getting sick, would it? I'm beginning to think that Katie's internal sick clock flows with the holiday calendar. Thanksgiving, Christmas, her own birthday, Mother's Day, and yes now Father's Day, the child got sick and then kindly gave it to her sister.

It actually started Friday night. We had the whole family over and then out of now where, Katie began crying hysterically. I thought she bit her cheek or something, so we kept telling her to calm down and take a drink. Except the crying wouldn't stop. Ten minutes later, I finally set her in her room so she would calm down and not disturb everyone. When that didn't help, Grandpa jumped up and held her on the couch for a bit. She didn't move for an hour. I finally went to pick her up so Grandpa could go home, and she screamed hysterically again. She didn't want me to hold her, just her Grandpa (of course he ate that up, and decided to stay another 1/2 hour). Finally, I took her again only to realize she felt hot and had 102 degree fever. The lights finally came on!!

The next day, we had told Kyra we would go see fireworks at the local town's fair and maybe even go on some rides. Katie was feeling better and I thought we just might be up to par by evening time. Wrong. Katie may have been feeling better, but then just as rapidly as she got sick, Kyra did too. I have never seen such an instant fever. It was like one minute they were running around and the next they were crying. Kyra screamed when I tried taking her temperature. Of course, sure enough...she had a 102 degree fever. We had to break it to the kids that there would be no fair (although Kyra was feeling so crumby that she didn't care). We did make it to the fireworks (just watched them in the car), but Kyra barely picked up her head (sad to watch, because fireworks are one of her favorite things). So, we packed things up and headed home to put the chillins in bed. The hubs just about turned off Kyra's bedroom light when she threw up all over him. This of course just shortly before Father's Day. He certainly seems to be the target when it comes to the girls tossing their cookies. Poor guy.

Fortunately the story has a happy ending. On Father's Day, we stayed home from church and had our own church service. It was simply great. The girls were both feeling better, so we sat on our comfy couch in our comfy clothes and had our praise time. The hubs prayed, I read a children's devotion, and we all took turns requesting songs. It truly was a wonderful morning of praise. And I think the girls enjoyed being part of the service, although Kyra did mention that we were lacking the after the service cookies (leave it to her to think of the important parts!). Then the girls gave their daddy each a gift, and card they made. I think he was glowing. You can tell he really loves those girls.

So here's to my hubs!!


Thank you for being a great father. Thank you for taking the girls on tractor, 4 wheeler, and bobcat rides. Thank you for being a great provider. Thank you for instilling in them a love for the great outdoors (they sure wouldn't get that from me!). Thank you for having the patience to garden with them. Thank you for all the pancake breakfasts you've made. Thank you for smiling at all their tired jokes. Thank you for playing with them when you are tired. Thank you for even being the target when they feel sick and not complaining about it. You do a lot for these girls and I don't always acknowledge or recognize all you do. But I know you love them dearly and can see it in your eyes. I love you and the father that you are.

Love, the Mother of your children


Kris said...

So sorry to hear that the girls were sick. Sounds like it was a quick one though. What a great letter to the Hubs. He's a great daddy! Hope you have a sick-free week!

Dave and Jenni said...

Hope the girls are feeling better. It's so neat to see how the Lord can use bad situations for His good. Sounds like a sweet family worship time!