Recital Day!!

Well, the day had finally arrived when all of Kyra's hard work was to come to fruition. She had her recital on Saturday, and my parents even came from Chicago to watch her perform. I was actually surprised to see what a big deal it was. We had a five paged note of strict instructions to follow. There was to be no video taping, no parents in the dressing room, makeup to be worn be all dancers (Kyra put stress on that rule), and button down daddy shirts to be worn over custumes in case any dancers had to eat. HAD to eat? Let's see, from the time we left (3:45 pm) to the time we finished (8:30 pm), that was close to 5 HOURS! Of course a 3 year old would have to eat. I might have not been so worried about my poor little girl starving if it hadn't been for the rehearsal, where they lost her new cute little totebag and she didn't eat anything the whole entire time. She was famished and bored (they had activities for the kids, but weren't showing any of the kiddlings how to do the activities). Needless to say quite a few parents were upset at how things were handled (of course it was only the parents of the preschoolers, so you can tell who the newbies were). But we survived (really it was only the rehearsal that went poorly), and ended up having a super time.

Our little dancer did a wonderful job in her Counting Song too. She was a true performer! For the most part she followed the routine and didn't get too sidetracked or have stagefright. I was definitely a very proud mama. And those little ones were so cute to watch. They didn't know exactly know when to leave the stage, so they stood there taking in the applause (or more likely confused and looking like a deer in the headlights). They were definitely cute.

I did get a new perspective on dance too. I have always appreciated dancing. I love to watch people using their bodies to interpret songs. I love the rhythm of tap shoes, the beauty of ballet, and the emotion with lyrical. I have even enjoyed some hip hop routines that get my blood pumpin. But suddenly, as I watched some of the teen performances, I began to visualize my daughter up there in 10 years or so. I wasn't so pleased. You see, a lot of the dances they had involved boo*ties shaking, hands sliding down the chest, and quite frankly many suggestive songs. Although most of the young girls had very innocent dances, and although I might have had fun dancing some of the hip hop dances, I began wondering if this was really the road I wanted my daughter to take. Some of these girls had quite the attitude as they entered the stage, which I'm sure was very much a part of the dance, but I'm sure it's also something they begin to acquire in every day life too. The attitude, flaunting, and vanity is definitely not a image I want my daughter to seek. So why would I push her in that path (a path I realize she could choose on her own, but I'm not going to help her)?

Okay, enough of the darkness. I realize God has blessed us with bodies to use, but they are bodies to be used with grace and dignity. So, while I would love to have Kyra continue to dance, I think we will be having to look for a new company (perhaps the ballet company or the park district). It was a great year, and Kyra certainly enjoyed herself. And perhaps if anything, this experience has opened my eyes. For now, I am thankful that she is still focused on the pretty little tutu and her pink ballet slippers!
Our Dancer all ready to go!
Kyra's number "The Counting Song". The picture was a little blury because they wouldn't let us use flash. Notice how in sync they are with each other!
The Finale! Yeah! What a trooper.

Of course a recital wouldn't be complete with out ice cream for the Grande Finale!


Kris said...

OM Goodness...she is adorable! Definitely a talented little girl! Yea, Kyra!

Dave and Jenni said...

Oh she is just adorable in that little outfit!

You know, as far as the whole dance thing goes, every earthly thing is going to have a struggle with darkness - it's the nature of living in a fallen world. Granted if something is overtly sinful you want to stay away from it, but if she does choose dance in some form, the best you can do is teach her the truth at home and pray it takes root. That way when she's confronted with the temptation to be vain or selfish or other things, she'll be able to look to the truth and make the right choices.