As Time Flies

Today was Kyra's last dance class. She has a rehearsal and dance recital, but it was her last day going to class. As so many people are experiencing these days with little ones growing up quickly and the end of a school year coming to a close, I had mixed feelings. I rejoiced at the thought of not having to rush through Tuesday night's dinner just so we can make it clear across town. But I also stood there baffled, thinking where has this year gone? I remember like yesterday, just blogging about how she was going to be the next child prodigy (which now after watching her, is doubtful, but hope springs eternal!). It also pained me to see her tear up as I told her it was her last day at class. But along with endings are new beginnings, and Kyra is beginning so many wonderful things.

In the past two weeks, Kyra has learned to write the entire alphabet (when for months all she could write was her name). She successfully learned how to throw a Frisbee (which I still can't do), and she learned how to cut food with a knife (a child's knife, but she actually forks her food, and saws her food back and forth with her knife in her right hand). Maybe that seems like small potatoes to some, but pretty big mile stones in my book. This child is definitely growing up. And I know time we have with her is only going to seem to go faster. So if I can just remember these cherished moments, then when times are tough, maybe I can think to myself...don't get all worked up now, because soon enough you won't be able to get these times back.
(Love how the second line goes backwards!)

(This is a picture she drew of our family. The object above Dad is an airplane! She had me draw the clouds though.)


Kris said...

I love how you are all holding hands in her picture! How fun! Way to go, Kyra! Preschool here you come!

emilymcd said...

She wrote the entire alphabet? That's awesome. And her drawings are so precious. Glad you took a pic to save it.

Dave and Jenni said...

Wow - it makes me excited and sad that Ruthie is starting pre-school this fall because I know the time is going to fly by. What a smart little cookie you have, though!