Stanley's Back!

Okay, I'll be the first to tell you that I am not a big sports fan. I don't play any sports (unless you consider walking on a bike path a sport), and I don't really like watching sports. About the most I watch is the annual Superbowl, where really I do more eating and talking then I do watching the actual game. It's sad I know, because I could probably benefit a lot from actually playing a sport, but the interest is simply not there.
So, a couple of nights ago when I turned on the boo*b tube and found a hockey game on, I was just about to turn it right back off when the hubs said, "STOP!" "What do you mean, stop? It's just a hockey game." "It's not just any game, it's the series. And Detroit is up 3 to 1. If they win tonight, they win the championship!" he said. I gave him a look that said, you think I give a rip, and began to head out of the room. "Just stay for a minute and watch with me," he beckoned. And because I am always at my husband's beckoned call, I stayed (okay maybe he didn't beckon).

Needless to say, it was exciting! I couldn't believe the energy these guys had. I was hooked. My hubby gave me a few pointers and explained some of the rules, and soon I was glued to the TV. The power plays, the body checks, the penalty box...this game was exciting to watch! With in a few minutes I was hollering at the TV like a pro. I even stayed up till 12:30 a.m. to see them go into over time. Of course they lost that game, but they hung in there.

Then last night, they WON! This older team of men has won 4 championship series in the past 11 years. And they were on fire. I wish I could have enough energy in one day as they did in one play. It was really something to watch. So, congrats Red Wings! Maybe, just maybe next year I will actually watch more of your games. Or even go to a local Griffins hockey game!


Short Stop said...

I think it's cool how people are so in to the Red Wings up here. The excitement is contagious.

I love watching sports with my hubby. Of course, eating junk food is part of the gig. :)

Rebecca said...

Watching hockey in person is definitely fun! I only ever went to one game, but I would recommend it!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I love the atmosphere of a game, but sports are not my thing.

I tagged you yesterday :)

Dave and Jenni said...

Oh I love watching sports with Dave! And I agree with both you and Sarah - the food is a definite perk!

Amy said...

It's about time you caught on...Hockey is the BEST! anytime you wanna go to a Griffins game next year, give me a call! : )

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