Friday Morning Musings

Breakfasts with a 3 year old are always interesting. Some mornings she may show up to the table wearing her princess getup. Sometimes eating breakfast is a race. And yet again, sometimes you have interesting conversations that may or may not make any sense to you. This morning was one of those mornings. It is always fun to see their little brains at work, but boy can it be a journey trying to get there. Here's how our morning began:

Kyra: Mom, what is a spirit named?
Mom: Kyra, I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean what is a spirit?
Kyra: Ughhh...No. I'll tell you what a spirit is (yes, please enlighten me). A spirit creates Christmas Trees. It also is something that creates little rocks that shine when you throw them in the river. They become shiny, because when you take them out of the water, they are all wet. That's what Caillou says. I love shiny little rocks. They make me happy. I am also the winner! Look at me, mom. I finished my cereal first. Katie isn't that winner because she still has raisins. I think I want a pony tail today, and my sparkly shirt. Moooomm... what is a spirit called again? Tell me!
Mom: (Wow. Where do I even go with that? That girl was seriously talking a mile a minute. I didn't have even a single opportunity to get a word in edge wise. How do you even follow her train of thought? They certainly have a lot going on in that little brain, especially for so early in the morning. I don't think I even have that many thoughts to formulate until I've had my morning coffee! Well here goes nothing.) Kyra, maybe you were trying to remember about the HOLY spirit. That spirit lives in your heart. God gave us the Holy Spirit so we have someone who tells our head everyday how to live, and remind us of God's love. Is that what you were thinking of?
Kyra: NO! A spirit is something that creates shiny rocks!
Mom: (okay, there you have it! I think I'll go back to my coffee. Obviously, my train of thought was just as confusing to her, as her's was to me. She sure does bring a smile to my face!)


Dave and Jenni said...

That's hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

trevsmom said...

don't ya know Mom, spirits = shiny rocks. I see the connection. That is way too precious. I am sure she will enjoy reading all about her 3 1/2 year old mind someday!

Renee said...

How funny!!

It's always fun to see where their minds go!