Tiny Talk Tuesday

I wrote these conversations down just before we left for vacation (hoping to post them at the hotel, but found out they didn't have computer access.) More Florida tiny talk later this week!

At Breakfast time:
Kyra: Mom, you better hurry up and eat your cereal so you can grow as big as Daddy!
(unfortunately Kyra, I think I'm already there)

At a different Breakfast:
Kyra: Katieee...toughin up! You don't want to be a cry baby like me.
(Uh-oh. Unfortunately we've told Kyra to toughin up probably one time too many. The funny thing is that Katie wasn't crying or whinning when she said this, so who knows the train of thought of a 3 year old)

If you want to read more tiny talk, just visit Mary's.

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Renee said...

SO cute!!

I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog! Can't wait to hear about your trip to Florida!