Tiny Talk Tuesday

The little ones are talkin, here's some of the things they said while in Florida a week ago:

While taking a walk along a pond:
Kyra: Mommy, what does that sign say?
Mom: It says, "Beware Alligators are not friendly." (who knew that a nice looking pond, with cute hungry ducks in it, right next to our resort, would possibly have alligators. GREAT!) That means we can't get too close to the pond. You may NOT feed the ducks Kyra, there may be alligators in that pond, and it's important that we don't get too close.
Kyra: Okay, mommy (while I've probably scared the bageebees out of her). Ducks don't have teeth though. But just in case we better be careful of the ducks too. They might eat us and the alligators!
(maybe she misunderstood me and thought that there were killer ducks in the pond!)

While taking a walk across a busy street, with a push button to get a walk signal:
Mom: See that sign? When we see a little walking person, then we can cross the street. But first we have to push the button.
Kyra: Can I push it?
Mom: Sure.
Kyra: (she pushes the button). Mom, I'm your biggest helper in the whole world!
(yes, you sure are)

And just a few from Katie, this one's more of a story:
I put a very tired Katie to bed in our friend's room in the pack-n-play. Although she had previously just fell in some mud, so I took her pants off before putting her to bed. After 20 minutes or so, I decided to go check on her to make sure she was sleeping. I found her sleeping alright, but all curled up with her bare bot*tom sticking straight up in the air. Yes, apparently with the freedom of no pants, she took it upon herself to take off her diaper too, and then go to sleep. At least she had the good sense to wet the diaper before taking it off!

Here are a few of Katie's new, overly used phrases too:
I bwoke it! (she uses this one about 3x a day, probably be she really does break many things)
Wook at Meee (Look at me! She got that from her sister of course)
Keewaa (Kyra)

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Renee said...

So precious!!

Thanks for sharing. These made me laugh.

Note to self: When in Flordia, watch out for killer ducks.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Oh they are too cute!

Dave and Jenni said...

So cute! I love the nicknames they make up for each other. Anna likes to call Ruthie "Wee-wee." She can even say Ruthie now, but she still calls her Wee-wee. We always get a good laugh out of it. :)

Vashonnte said...

haha killer ducks! that is so funny!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Too cute! I laughed out loud at the killer ducks comment. HAHAHA