Obsession with Coupons

Although going out to eat is not always the healthiest options, I love to do it. I love not having to think about what to make for dinner, I love having many choices at my finger tips, and I LOVE not having to do the dishes. However, since children, we have tried to limit our going out to eat to once a week (which may be even more than most people, but did I say that I love it?). Anyway, we rarely dine at anywhere fancy. And when we do go out to eat it almost always has to entail a coupon. I'm forever looking for coupons in the paper for our favorite joints.

Needless to say, not having gone to the grocery store yet, we were running out of staples to make a palatable meal. So, when the hubs came home, I told him we were either going to have leftovers (sloppy joes from 4 days ago) or go out to one of our favorite restaurants because I found a coupon in our coupon drawer that expired today! He quickly hopped aboard and took the bait. After all, it would be terrible to waste a perfectly good coupon. And what could be better than a meal at our favorite Mexican Restaurant with a 20% off coupon?

So, off to Cabana Tres Amigos (a fairly new local place, with more authentic Mexican dishes) we went. I had the chimichanga (which is what I always have), my hubs had a beef tamale, while the girls shared a quesadilla. Normally, we would just have water to drink, but because we had a coupon, we threw in some sangria! After becoming delightfully plump, I got out the coupon and set it on the table. We rested for a moment, and then the rest happened all too fast. The waiter came by, swiped our empty plates away, and gone was the coupon (I believe it stuck to the dirty plate)! Yes, our whole reason for going out to dinner in the first place went out with the dirty dishes. It was a wash! For one evening we failed our Dutch heritage (okay, the hubs heritage, not mine). All right, a little dramatic, but we do love our coupons. I guess we'll know better next time to keep them in our pockets, because after all, they are pretty much good as money. It was worth it though, our meal was GOOD!


Rebecca said...

Oh, that just makes my wallet cringe. But it is sooooo funny!!

Renee said...

Ouch...I cringed too!! But mmmmmmmmmm...Mexican food-my favorite!! I LOVE Mexican food. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your meal before you realized the coupon was gone!

Earen said...

I LOVE going out to eat too...for the same reasons as you. Glad you enjoyed your meal despite the lost coupon.

Hey, did you get your necklace in the mail from my give-away? Hope you're enjoying it!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Glad you had a yummy meal, but yep, I cringed too :)

BTW...my blurb book was 6 months worth - about 175 pages, but I tend to be long winded at times...ha ha!