One is Silver and the Other's Gold

Well, I made it. This is my 100th post! For many of you who have been blogging daily, or blogging for years, this may not seem like much, but deep in the depths of my brain I never thought I'd last this long. I am one of those people who has great ambitions to try something new and then I either- A. Don't follow through, or B. Don't finish what I start. So last summer as I began this journey to record my thoughts, pictures, reflections, I secretly didn't think it would last. But so many of you who have visited, read, and commented on my blog have truly been an inspiration to me. Your comments, of course, are not the reason I continue to blog. I already got melancholy once in the beginning of my blogging experience for not getting the "fan mail" I would have liked. However, staying true to the reason I began this blog (which was to focus on the positive things in my life, and make a record of the tidbits in my children's lives), I have grown to love writing, reflecting, and reading various blogs as well as read the many encouraging comments I have received (just icing on the cake!).

That being said, I decided to focus my 100th post on friendships. You remember the song, "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold." I have been reminded of that so many times this past year. In the beginning of the summer I was going through a really tough time, which is why I thought writing out positive thoughts would help me refocus mentally of all the blessings I really have. And it has helped. However, a large portion of that help has come through friendships. I have a wonderful family, who listens to my joys and sorrows, and never turns me away. I have friends from college, who I feel will be good friends for the rest of my life. They may be far away, but I will always hold them close to my heart (you know who you are). They make me laugh, cry, and share a wealth of history that will forever bond us. Finally, I have NEW friends. I have made some friends through bible study this year, and then also blogging friends - some whom I've never even met. You all have had such encouraging things to say, that quite frankly has helped bring me closer to God. I have met some with such a strong faith, some with such a great sense of humor, creativity, and overall hearts full of compassion. You all have been such blessings in my life.

That brings me to my final point (sorry this has been a little long winded, but hang on you'll be glad you read to the end). It is imperative that we encourage each other and lift each other up. True friendships help our faith walk with Christ.
"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing" -Thess 5:11
And I have been so blessed to have had many wonderful friendships that I can count on to help guide me in my walk with Christ. So I have decided to GIVEAWAY a $25 gift certificate to Panera Bread Company. Why, you ask to Panera? Well, one it is one of my favorite places to eat, and two it is a great place to meet with a friend and catch up on life. My only request is that if you win the gift certificate, you share with a friend (hubby, mom, friend, child, etc.) So, here's the details: just leave a comment explaining how you have been blessed by a particular friendship. Then, on Thursday morning around 7am I will randomly select a winner (I will probably print out the comments, cut them up, put them in a basket, and have my daughter chose one). I look forward to your stories!


Dave and Jenni said...

What a wonderful gift - thank you (Panera = yummy)! I have to say that I have been blessed with the friendship of my sister-in-law, Casey, over the last few years. She's the first person in my husband's family with whom I have felt an honest connection while she lived in our town. Now that she's moved, I miss that friendship greatly. But she made my in-laws less intimidating and more like family, which is a huge gift.

Short Stop said...


Congratulations on your 100th post! I have been here since the beginning and have loved reading your stories, and sharing in your life! Looking forward to the next 100! :)

I'm gonna have to go with my husband on this one. His friendship, above any other, has blessed me and keeps me laughing, loving life, and he continually points me to the One who made me and loves me like no other. His friendship is priceless, and has changed my life.

Thank you for the generous giveaway! I LOVE Panera! :)

emilymcd said...

Hi, Sarah-

Cool bloggy giveaway! Thanks.

I have been blessed by the friendship of my two sisters, Noel and Becky. They are always so encouraging. For no reason they send cards and an occasional care package. They're always there to send an encouraging word.

Earen said...

Loved the pictures of your trip! Congrats on your 100th post! And thanks for the chance to win Panera Bread gift card!!

I've been blessed by so many friends, but I would have to say the biggest blessing in my life (other than the Lord & my husband) has been my dear friend Sharalee. I prayed for a friend like her for 18 years and finally the Lord answered my prayer. She's a God-send and a kindred spirit. I of course have been blessed by your blog and friendship & the darling things your girls say!!

Sarah said...

Ah Sarah, believe it when I say that being able to read your blog has been an amazing blessing for me too over the past few months. Congrats on your 100th post!

What would life be without friends indeed? The most difficult part about moving in August was that we would be going somewhere where we knew NOONE. And when Dave met Naomi (who's father was also a pastor, who was attending the church we had planned on visiting, and who graduated from the SAME college in the SAME year as us!) we knew God was taking such good care of us by bringing her - and her husband and kids - into our lives! They have ended up being great friends, whom we have enjoyed many fun gamenights and playdates. Naomi has also introduced me to other moms and our life here has been enriched so much because of her. (: Yay for good friends!

trevsmom said...

I have been extremely blessed with 5 girlfriends who have been friends since preschool. We still get together on a regular basis. We have stood by each other through all sorts of life's chapters: jr. high, boys, college, dating, babies, infertility, divorce, death, parenting, sickness, etc. I cherish each of their friendships for different and am continually amazed that friendships can continue to grow stronger after 25+ years. These 5 lovely ladies are my biggest prayer warriors. We have a weekly prayer time of praises and petitions (via email). They challenge me to grow closer to Christ and encourage at the very same time. We joke that we will all live in the same retirement home some day. Okay that's enough, I could write a book here. What a fun giveaway Sarah. You go girl for 100 posts. I am so glad you blog, it has been great getting to know you better. :-)

Rebecca said...

Oh, friendships enrich my life in so many ways, each one uniquely!

A couple weeks ago I had the chance to visit with my friend Sara in Concord, and she and I have been friends - no kidding - our whole lives. Our parents are friends and we had very similar upbringings. As an adult friend, she has been a trusted advisor, encourager, and fellow traveler on my spiritual journey.

I don't have sisters, so until I was lucky enought to get a sister-in-law a few years ago, my girlfriends were my "sisters" and I cherish memories of each one!

Annie said..., 100 posts!! wonderful!
Friendships are such a blessing! Since I dont have a sister, I feel that my girlfriends are kind of like my "sister that I never had" so I hold my friendships very near and dear to my heart. I think it's so great how God has brought me friends at just the right, you, Sarah! Beginning my freshman year at Calvin College, not knowing too many people..I was so glad I met you at Freshman orientation.
Lately, my husband and I have been growing a lot closer together in our friendship and are really looking for the best ways to encourage and love one another. It's great that I can count on him on those blah days to make me smile.
thanks for being such a blessing sarah! I am always so encouraged when I read your blogs (mabye I'll have to start one of my own someday!!) I'm so glad we've been friends for so long.

God Bless You!

Sarah said...

100 posts! Way to go! I can relate to the "I'll never make it that long" feeling. I actually blogged in secret for months before I gave anyone the URL - I wanted to be sure it was something I could sustain for a while. One of the cool things about blogging has been the increased contact with college friends (you know who you are :-)

So...friendship. Yesterday was a perfect example of how friendship is a blessing in my life. I had made an appointment to see the doctor in the early afternoon. All was going well - baby fed, clothed, buckled into his carrier. I was dressed and fed, too, and ready to go warm up the car. But where were my keys? After a few minutes of searching, I called Mike at work. Did he know where they were? He did a quick check of his pockets to find that he had BOTH sets of keys with him...none at home. Argh! But I had a friend come to the rescue. Our neighbor, Jen, graciously allowed me to borrow her car for the afternoon. It's been a lot of fun developing a friendship with Jen and her husband John. They have a new baby at home, too, so it's been great to experience parenthood together. Three cheers for friendship!

Christy said...

Woo whoo for 100!! I have to say I am blessed with many friendships though my life. But I am going to focus on this past year and the ways that I have reconnected with people (you) and grown closer to those who's friendship I already enjoyed. Of course my husband and family- but I have been particularly blessed by my friend lynde has been a gift to me over the past year- we have grown closer than i ever imagined- she is real: supportive: we laugh together, cry together, and share life (every bit) together. I am blessed!

Renee said...

Congratulations on 100 posts!! I have enjoyed reading your posts, and am so glad that you've stuck it out. I look forward to reading more.

I know I'm too late for the giveaway, but I'll still share.

I have been in awe lately of my friends. I wasn't raised in a Christian home, or with a Christian faith. Yet God has placed Christians into my life. My best friend from grade school is now my sister/friend, and she has inspired me so much in my faith. My high school friend that is also like a sister to me now also 'just happened' to be a Christian.

God has looked out for me, and provided me with sisters to help me along my Christian journey. I am in awe of His provision.