3 Wonderful Years

Dear Kyra,
It's hard to believe that it was already three years ago to the day that you entered into this world. I remember planning out when the perfect time would be to have our first child. Of course our plans don't always match the plans of our Heavenly Father, but a short while later you were conceived. The best part was, I found out we were having our child on my birthday!! What a wonderful birthday present, to find out that we were finally going to begin building our family in just a several months.

Finally, the day arrived. The doctor announced I had a girl! I was quite groggy, but felt a deep joy on the inside. And you looked perfect. Your chubby little cheeks and perfect little toes and fingers were all mine to care for. What a wonderful gift God had granted for us to watch over. Even your father, who was quite nervous in becoming a Dad, was quite smittin with you. I watched with a sense of new found love, as I watched him hold you and caress each small toe, finger, ear, and brow. It only took him two days with you and he wanted four more just like you.

Now you are three! And we are in love you more than the day you arrived. You are such a blessing to watch. You are thoughtful (praying for each and every member in your family). You are loving (whispering everyday in my ear - "I love you very much mommy"). You are imaginative (sneaking a peak at you when you are supposed to be taking a nap, but setting up tea party's for all your animals instead). You are kind (giving hugs to your sister after she has bumped her head). You are loved.

We love you so much Kyra. You are permanently engraved in our hearts. And we can't wait to share in all your newfound experiences and accomplishments in the years to come. Happy Birthday.

Love, Mom and Dad

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Kris said...

Very sweet post! I love how you describe seeing her for the first time!