Comparison and Contentment

One of the blogs I visit frequently just touched on the issue of being content. It was very inspiring, and if you wish to read her entry, just click here:

I too, struggle with finding contentment in everything in life (sometimes in even things that may seem enjoyable). Whether it is a rut that I am currently visiting in my life, or the fact that I sometimes refuse to open my eyes and see just what a wonderful life God has laid in front of me, the truth is, finding contentment in every situation is often a struggle.

When I think to find the core reason as to why it is hard to find contentment in my own life, I realize that my continual defeat in comparison is one of the main reasons I struggle to find contentment. I know comparison is wrong and has so many ill effects on ones life, and yet my mind continually wanders in that direction. I go to a party to have a good time, and wonder why I couldn't be as good a hostess in my own parties. I see another mom at the park show her little one all the different colors and shapes in her surroundings, and wonder why I don't take the time to teach my youngest more of the wonders of the world (thinking maybe she might suddenly say more words if I took more effort). I see a woman at church juggle 4 children, choir directing, teaching, and be a team leader in a softball team, and wonder why I can't even make dinner without the help of my husband to distract the kids. The list goes on.

And the truth is, if I didn't compare all the time, I would find joy in the person God created me to be, thus finding contentment! Bingo, sounds so simple. It sounds so easy, but really it takes lots of prayer, friends, encouragement, and practice to break a habit like comparison. God created me in His image, and if I only look to Him I will find contentment. Thus, I will continue to try and break the curse of comparison. After all the person I truly want to be is the one God created (unique and different in my own way).


Short Stop said...

This post made me cry! Comparison is SUCH a struggle for me, too. I want to do it all, and be good at everything, and I often feel so inadequate when I see other moms "doing better" in my eyes.

You are so right...God alone should be the source of our contentment. Just Him...nothing else. I am praying for that for me, and will for you, too! Thanks for sharing so openly!

emilymcd said...

I was really touched by this post as well.

I spent nearly all of my daughter's first 2 years thinking that I was an awful mother. Whenever I saw another mother do something for their child I would think, "It wouldn't even OCCUR to me to think like that." I would disparage myself a lot. Being a mom can be very lonely.

Here's some grace I learned:
- God SPECIFICALLY made my daughter for me. If he thinks I'm mother material, who am I to question him?
- Just because other mothers are REALLY good at teaching preschoolers doesn't mean that they may not struggle with raising their children later in life. Some people do REALLY well with young ones. Some prefer teenagers for children. In the end, we should all encourage each other as mothers.

Yikes. I'm sorry. This is YOUR blog, not mine. Laughing... but you got me thinking, girl! Thanks for your heart felt post. It's nice to know that I'm not alone.

Also, aren't you the one I saw in church playing a rousing game of hide and seek with your daughters? Two happy children can't be wrong: you're a good momma.

Kris said...

Girl, You are a great mom and a good person. We all struggle with the act of comparison and it will always be there. I know I wish I could be like so many other moms I see at church, too. This is such an encouraging post and I love you for sharing your thoughts!