I figured I was safe to turn my head from Katie for a minute to watch my oldest daughter do her newest trick in peddling her bicycle ("watch me, watch me!"). I was wrong (you think I would know by now). The minute I looked back the stroller she was playing with was in the driveway and my daughter was gone. Fortunately we have a big enough yard, that I knew she wasn't in the street or anything, so I didn't exactly panic. I did however run around the corner of the corn fields, to find her crouched in a mudpile! Yes, after this lovely rain (praise the Lord), we have mud - and our daughter was thoroughly enjoying it. The sight of her was too hard to resist in taking her picture!


streetwise said...

Whoa. I know it's been a while since I've seen Katie, but that's honestly the happiest I've ever seen her! What a cute muddy smile!

Kris said...

That's our girl!

Short Stop said...

Boy, does she look like she's having fun! I love these kinds of just being kids! :):)

She's adorable!