Bloggy Block

I've come to a bit of a Blogger Block. I'm having trouble coming up with things to write in my blog (if you haven't noticed from my lack of writing for the last 5 days). Anyway, I came to the realization that I was searching for anything in my day that I could blog about, just to blog (which may be fine for some people, for many of you are excellent writers with the ability to put humor in almost any situation). As for me, the pressure to keep up with the Bloggy Jones' outways the therapy I receive from writing down the few thoughts I have on my blog. So from now on, I will probably slow down on my blogging a bit, so as not to stress my pretty little head. Sorry to my many fans (all three of you), but I will still blog when the mood strikes, or my adorable kiddos say something too cute to keep to myself.


Short Stop said...

I can completely understand this! There are days when the day is over and I just have nothing to say/write/blog. And, that's ok! I often remind myself that my blog is for me! Sure, it's nice to see other people finding the things I blog about funny or interesting...but I will (just like you!) get so stressed if I do it for any other reason than for me and the memories I want to capture of this time in my life!

I'm so glad you blogged this! It was so honest and sincere and to me, those are the best blogs to read! :) Thanks for sharing! Sarah

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Absolutely! You need to do waht works for you. Your blog is about YOUR thoughts and YOUR life. I look forward to the things you find to share whenever you have something!