Weekend Getaway

It is 5:30 AM and I am taking one last glance through all the blogs before we leave for a weekend getaway (of course I told my husband I would get up early to start packing, but I had to take a peak at any updates before I left for 3 days).

We are headed for the Petosky area of Michigan, which we've visited many a time this part of the year, but never with children. The lakes, bike trails, cutsy shops, clean air, vineyards, and of course ice cream shops are plentiful and inviting. I am looking forward to going there with my family and enjoying the change of scenery, mostly because this will be our only trip this summer spent alone with just our little family. Hopefully, it will be a great bonding time and refresher before we switch to the next season (that is of course provided that there aren't too many breakdowns and Katie doesn't scream in the car the whole trip, which she frequently does).

So here's to what I mark as a vacation to end one season and start fresh with a new. I look forward to the fall and have many new goals to begin next week. For now, I will enjoy my Mackinaw Fudge ice cream!


Short Stop said...

Have a GREAT time! We have never been to Petosky, but we have heard it is SO gorgeous there this time of year.

I love your idea of "a vacation to end one season and start fresh with a new." What a great perspective on your time away! :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Have a great time. Sounds absolutely lovely. You sound way too much like me...just a quick blog check...he he he.

We go away in a week and I can't wait.

Kris said...

YEAH! Go have a great time! Eat an extra scoop for me!