Food Chain

Disclaimer: okay, for all those faint at heart, or people that can't stomach anything having to do with snakes, STOP READING HERE....there are pictures involved you may not want to see.

Yesterday, my brother in-law found a snake on my doorstep. Now fortunately, I am not one who cringes at even the thought of a snake, so when he told me to take a look, I came along. I find snakes kind of interesting to watch (weird I know), but I was curious to see how long this porch snake was and what it was up to.

Of course, when we crept upon it, I saw that it was not only quite a large snake, but it was a snake devouring a toad! Here's where it gets a little twisted, I actually was very intrigued in seeing just how this snake was going to eat this toad. Although the snake was quite large, the toad was about 3 times the size as his mouth (I mean hey buddy, pick on someone your own size). My brother in-law and I had bets going on to see if he was actually going to accomplish his goal in eating the toad. It seemed impossible. So I proceeded to check on the guy every 1/2 hour or so. And to my surprise, he did it! It took probably 2 hours, but he did it. He didn't care for it too much when I came in close for a good shot (in fact if it weren't for the toad in his mouth, I think he might have gone for me for antagonizing him), but it sure was interesting watching nature take its course.


Kris said...

Oh, GROSS! LOL! These pics are so much more funny/gross when you click on them and get the "big" picture! You live in the wild!

trevsmom said...

That is soo crazy and yes a bit gross...but something about me actually enjoys the science/food chain piece of it all! I would of been on top of the table!

Rebo said...


but kind of like a car accident, I couldn't help but look!

Sarah said...

Ick ick ick. Not sure what else to say, just ICK!