My mother is a wonderful gardener. She loves talking about flowers, she loves tending to her flowers, and even just being with the flowers. I grew up learning just how much water the plants needed, doing the grueling task of weeding, and taking numerous walks around the yard to identify what was what and how much they had grown (my favorite part). So, I just assumed that the gardening gene would be passed on. I was wrong. Okay, I'm not a bad gardener, that's proof from these pictures (of course I didn't take pictures of the dozens that are wilting away). Maybe it just takes years and years of experience (and perhaps the energy that is currently taken away from 2 preschoolers). I do love the excitement in the spring when you go to the nursery, pick out your little baby flowers, and mentally plan out each spot they will take in your yard. I don't even mind taking the time to plant each one and water them for the first few weeks. However, after vacations are taken, heat sets in, and it hasn't rained in what seems like a month, I lose interest. I took my garden tour today and most of my plants have been either eaten up by Japanese Beetles, taken over from a certain kind of mold, or plain died from my lack of attention. All I can do now is care for the ones that endured the many hardships and give thanks that I have hardy plants that make my garden look somewhat healthy!


batavian babe said...

Sarah, you have the GENE! Your pictures are beautiful. Those are luscious flowers! You've just hit the summer doldrums of gardening, like everyone does. Plants get tired and obstinate and quit flowering (and for some reason, they just like rain better than water from the hose). Don't lose heart, just enjoy that beautiful hydrangea blossom!

Short Stop said...

These pictures are gorgeous! I don't have a green thumb at all. Maybe one day I'll learn. :)

Your garden is wonderful!

The VB Family said...

I love the flower in the first pic. It's definitely "you" (:

Believe me, any one thing you have growing in your yard would put my entire flower garden (term used loosely) to shame!

Kris said...

You totally have the gene! Just even having the excitement in the spring tells all!