Black and White

I love both of my girls. Of course they are as different as night and day. It is both a joy and a challenge to see how opposite their personalities are. For instance, my first born daughter (almost 3)is very much like myself - articulate, maternal, clean, and hesitant. My second born (a 16 month old) is very much like her father - exploritory, dirty, and definitely hands on. Now, with the 2 year old, I love hearing the stories she comes up with and laugh at the "mess she made" - which consisted of a drop of ice cream on her shirt. However, it would be nice if the little gnat in her bedroom would not have to be smooshed before going to bed. In my 1 year old, I enjoy watching her explore new things, take the bull by the horns, and show a rather no nonsense type of attitude. However, it would be nice if she didn't scream a blood curdling scream in my ear for not getting her way or fall off the bed for the 15th time. Either way, it is fun to watch how they experience life differently. If anything, it is kind of nice to know that I'll have my shopping partner and my husband will have his fishing buddy.

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Short Stop said...

My boys are the same ages as your girls...almost 3 and 16 months!