Corn Obsession

You mention the word corn to my husband and his family, and you are guaranteed conversation for hours. Although I commonly roll my eyes at their so called obsession with growing corn, it is rather neat to see that they enjoy watching the fruits of their labor (and who doesn't have their obsessions - for instance this blog has become a bit of an obsession as of late). Anyway, with the lack of rain, their corn is starting to yellow so they had to brainstorm ideas of how to get water to the corn. For those of you who don't know us, we live on 12 acres that my husband, brother, and Father cultivate. Fortunately my husband is rather good at coming up with creative solutions (for this I am always amazed). So out to Menards and TSC my father in law went. They bought a water pump and rigged it up to the creek running in our back yard. They set up the irrigation pipes and were able to use 10 heads (I'm not sure if I have all the farm terminology correct), and wham, they were in business. It is quite neat to watch, just don't tell my husband I said so.


batavian babe said...

Yeah for Kevin, yeah for corn! I love your corn field and have several pictures of his previous crops with the late afternoon sun shining on the golden tassels.

I never knew you had a creek, Sarah! Wow, something else to explore next time I visit!

When we went camping last weekend, we drove through miles and miles of beautiful corn fields. Nothing on the horizon but corn! I love it!

batavian babe said...

Aren't water sprinklers mesmerizing?

The VB Family said...

So I guess you haven't gotten too far getting Kevin to cut back on his corn crop yet huh? Hee hee. I agree, you do have a pretty handy guy there.

Wish we could visit and enjoy some of the harvest!