What a face

I wake up everyday, hoping that this screaming, biting, scratching stage in my toddler is over. And to my dismay, it's not. I think God is testing me at my capabilities of being patient. And let me tell you, it's wearing pretty darn thin. Yesterday, we went to the play area at the mall. I thought it would be a good way to expend some energy on such a dreary day. While my 2 year old politely waited her turn for the slide or any other object, my 16 mo old had something else in mind. As she scurried up the stairs and found at least 5 kids in line for the slide, she pushed them aside (including the little girl about her same age), and dove down the slide head first. I sheepishly apologized on her behalf, and tried to explain to her that she needed to take her turn. Of course that went well. She proceeded by going to every plastic tree stump or animal and claiming it as her own by screaming at whatever child was currently playing on it (as if to say "I Tarzan, you Jane, GO). Needless to say, we left. I think we will just have to hide in our house until she can talk! Of course who can look at a face like hers and stay upset?

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Kris said...

Why are the cute ones always the stinkers??
What a cutie!