Tiny Talk Tuesdays

I am trying to remember cute things my kids say throughout the day, but keep forgetting to take a mental note. Anyway, here's what I vaguely remember from the past few days:

Mom: Kyra, Katie, hurry up and put your shoes on, we have to get in the car and run a few errands.
Kyra (2): I want to have a pink earring.
Mom: No babe, an errand not an earring. It's a small task you have to do, like go to the store.
(looking at me with a puzzled look)
Kyra: I want to go to the store and get a pink earring.
(Kyra just got off her little potty chair, with another successful go)
Katie (16 mo): Potty! Potty! Potty! (she yells, while twirling around)
Kyra: Katie, why don't you go potty?
(Katie climbs in the potty chair, both feet first, and gets stuck, only to tip over with the seat around her ankles -we all fall on the floor in laughter -of course we wouldn't be laughing so much if the "potty" had still been in the little toilet!)
Kyra: Mom, I'm a girl right?
Mom: yes.
Kyra: Daddy's a boy right?
Mom: yes
Kyra: Rudy's a boy, and Molly's a girl right?
Mom: yes
Kyra: I look just like Molly because she's a girl.
(hmmm... this would sound logical if it weren't for the fact that Molly is a DOG)


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Ok - seriously - I LOVE the last one! That is so funny.

Ikeep a notebook in the kitchen now that I dash to and jot things down. It is so fun to have a memory of them now :)

Kris said...

I love hearing what your girls are up to! Loving the potty one! Sounds like Kyra is "back on the wagon!"

Short Stop said...

These are so funny! Ahhhh, potty stories. Sounds like a lot of us are potty training right now...it creates an endless supply of stories! :)