Question: How do two quiet, reserved, type B people, produce a strong willed, push the buttons to no end child?

I thought today would be a good day to stay home, since we have been having so many outings. Maybe picking some vegetables would give the kids some fresh air and give them a sense of accomplishment for picking their own veggies. So here's how that went:

Kyra: "Is the wire fence off?" (we have an electric fence around the garden so animals don't get in)
Mom: "Yes it's off, just step over."
Kyra: "Are you sure?"
Mom: "Yes"
-in she comes, tripping over the wire flat into the mud, and crying
Mom: sigh

-I pick up Katie and set her in the garden. I show her the pile of zucchini I made, and tell
her to put them in the plastic bag. Evidently she had something different in mind, because
when I turned around she had put each zucchini back in their original spot (as to replant them)
-Okay, so that didn't work. I took her out of the garden to play with the baby stroller, turned
my head to pick some more, looked up to find her back in the garden eating a chunk of mud.
-I quickly wipe off as much as I can, all the time she's screaming and squirming like there
is no tomorrow (everyone knows of course how much toddler's love their face wiped), and into
the tomato cage she falls. I think we've had enough of the garden today.

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Kris said...

I am laughing out loud! What fun you must have been having!!