Little Magnets

My sister in-law had written in one of her blogs, how her children seemed oddly to always be magnetized to her. Now only since reading her blog have I realized how true that really is! We have always believed our dog was magnetically charged to us (we frequently call him the velcro vizsla, since he doesn't seem to leave our side). In fact, if the kids come in for a hug or a kiss, the dog has to come too (would you believe that if we dance to a song then he has to be part of the action too?). Anyway, this past weekend my hubby and I were having a heart to heart conversation. I gave strict instructions to my 2 year old that we were to be left alone in the kitchen unless something was really wrong (of course I knew that wouldn't last, but it was worth a shot). She did her part for about 2 minutes, and then I heard two tiny footsteps creep quietly in the hallway closer and closer to the kitchen until her tippy toes were just barely touching the divider between the carpet in the hallway and the kitchen floor. I gave her "the eye," and she just whispered - "what? I'm not in the kitchen!" A smile creeped over my face and she ran to my side. Yup, those magnets can't stay gone for long!

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Kris said...

Ahh, she's finding loopholes already! She's a smart one!