Summer Cleaning

Well, I finally did it. I got my "spring" cleaning done. I know it is already mid summer, but I guess you could say I find it both a challenge to clean with two little rascals as well as, just not liking to clean! I am always one to keep my house rather tidy, but dusting and scrubbing floors is sadly not very high on my priority list. But I do find it rather hard to do with little ones. Usually I'll start straightening up so I can vacuum, only to go back in to the room I straightened and find it all messed up again with either dog chews, blocks, or doll clothes. So, today I woke up with the goal in mind to charge through the house with every spare moment I had. Fortunately Katie and Kyra were playing rather nice together and on this particular day were having fun being chased by the vacuum cleaner. So, to all who have clean houses the majority of the time, my hat is off to you, for now I'll just revel in the clean house I have for the time being.

Oh, too late - spilled potato chips on the floor.

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Kris said...

Oh, you're one step (or a hundred) ahead of me! I'm just trying to get the house clean by sections!