Fun in the Sun

After my husband had to sacrifice his whole Saturday fixing up the barns and tendin to the corn (yes, that farming runs deep in his blood), he decided to take it easy on Sunday and spend his time with his girls on this gorgeous day (of course I don't think you can ever really take it easy with a 16 month old). Anyway, we had a great day in the sun. First we headed for the beach, where Katie continually either put sand in her mouth or on top of her head. They had a blast though and it was fun to watch Kyra (who last year wouldn't even take foot in the water) ask to race me back and forth in the water.

After the girls had their fill of sun, we headed to McDonald's for a bite to eat. While Kyra found a friend to pal around with at the Tree House, we made the mistake of giving Katie her own ice cream cone. It was hilarious watching her smoosh it in her face. Of course when we tried to take it away to wipe her face, she got mad and crushed the cone (what's a little ice cream all over the caked in sand in her hair?).

Finally, we arrived home and got ready for bed. But the day wasn't complete without a bedtime four wheeler ride. What a great day.


Kris said...

These are my favorite kinds of posts! I love to see what your family is up to!

Short Stop said...

This looks like great fun!