All I can say is, TGIF! I made it through the week. I know I've kind of been whining about the kids, but I've had it. When my husband came through the door this evening I gave him a look that said, you'd better spend every waking minute with them this weekend. My utmost praises to those of you moms, who mother more than 2 children (because 2 is about all I an handle right now). I think I am ready for a psychiatric evaluation. Thankfully, the rugrats are in bed now, I can regroup, remind myself of all the joy they bring (because they really do) and take it all on again in the morning.

PS I have to say that just when you think you are going to scream and pull your hair out, the little ones seem to do something funny or cute (thank goodness for that).


Short Stop said...

I sure know how you feel! As Friday at 5 approaches, I'm just so thankful that my husband is about to walk through the door. I think by Friday night, most moms have just had about all they can take. It's haaaaarrrrrddd work!

BUT, I agree...the smiles, coos, simple moments that our kiddos send our way our worth it all!

Sittintall said...

Thanks for the comments. After having my moment of feeling sorry for myself (actually it was a little longer than a moment), I was beginning to think no one else felt that overwhelmed.